Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amazing Life... Amazing Journey

For the first time in year 2014 i start to update my blog again. Lamak dah sik coret-coret something dalam tok. 2014.... tough year for me. Awal-awal dah kenak sabotaj oleh loved ones. But... i'm a tough gal though... I still can manage. Small matter...

In March, i started to join Coach Ash Crew (herbalife... amazing). Trying to get my new ideal weight. Syukur alhamdulillah... until now I manage to lose about 10 kgs. But still... Long way to go. Up down up down.... macam-macam benda jadi... macam-macam dugaan timbul... but I still can manage.

Long story gone short... now I kenak tunggah pegi ujian kecergasan & fizikal utk penolong penguasa penjara. Aim now is to lose another 6 kgs in 8 days. Wish me luck guys.